5 Top Selling Skincare Products of 2019

With 2019 drawing to a close we can look back on this year and reflect on the best sellers we have had this year. A couple of the winners have only been created and released this year so to become a top-selling item is pretty incredible! Our top 5 together complete a skin-care routine for all skin types with cleansers, creams, moisturiser, masks, and a serum.

Hydrating Face Mask

The Elemis Peptide 4 Plumping pillow Facial mask is a new product for 2019 but it is a clear winner loved by so many! This super hydrating mask can be used on its own to sleep in, allowing your skin to wake up feeling soft, smooth and bursting with hydration. You can even layer it on top of your favourite serum to give your skin that extra boost especially during the winter months when the cold weather takes its toll on our skin.

The patented ingredients in this powerful mask Star Arvensis and Speedwell Extract create an invisible layer over the skin to provide protection and minimise overnight moisture loss to keep skin looking glowing and youthful. The Peptide 4 is an active ingredient which works alongside our skins Arcadian rhythm, so even if we don’t get a good night’s sleep the negative effects will not harm our skin. This is perfect for all ages as who doesn’t want to wake up with perfectly plumped, hydrated skin.

Nourishing Face Oil

The Elemis Superfood facial oil is a firm favourite loved by so many. It is perfect for all skin types and screams skin health in a bottle. The superfood oil contains a blend of highly concentrated superfoods such as broccoli, flax seed, cucumber, daikon radish and poppy seed which will nourish and feed the skin leaving a glowing and radiant complexion.

The oil is lightweight, easily absorbed into the skin and a non-greasy texture. It is the perfect oil to layer morning and evening before your day or night cream to give the skin that extra boost of skin health and hydration. Facial oils are taking over the industry and people cannot be without one in their skincare regime.

Day Cream with SPF

Next up is the Elemis Pro Collagen marine Cream SPF 30, which has taken the skincare market by a storm. This is the exact same Pro Collagen Marine Cream loved by so many already only with the added SPF 30 protection. Elemis worked on the formulation of this cream for over 4 years to make sure the texture and consistency of the cream wasn’t affected or changed, therefore the SPF is encapsulated.

The patented ingredient to Elemis is Padina Pavonica which is a fan-shaped algae. This algae works by preserving the skin, increasing the collagen and elastin production to keep skin firm and youthful. There have been many clinical trials on this day cream to show that after just 14 days the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are improved, and suppleness and firmness is increased.

Today people want convenience, efficiency and results. Instead of having to use multiple products to give you results and also protection, this award-winning cream does it all.
Even during the winter, it is very important to protect your skin with an SPF as the UV rays are what does so much damage and causes aging to the skin. If you haven’t already tried the Pro Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 this is a must-have day cream for 2020 to give your skin hydration, firmness and also protection from daily aggressors and the sun.

Anti-Ageing Serum

Elemis introduced Ultra Smart Pro Collagen to the brand only a few months ago. The Ultra Smart Pro Collagen Complex 12 Serum has been formulated with powerful technologies to fight and target signs of aging. For people who already know and love Pro Collagen this is for those who wanted a change and somewhere to go to next with their skincare.

The Ultra Smart Serum has drone peptide technology that targets specific areas of the face and will deliver line fighting properties. It is rich in Hyaluronic Acid which plumps lines and surges the skin with moisture. The serum contains 12 specialised algae’s which are all extremely active to give maximum results and create a youthful looking complexion with dramatic results.

As with the majority of Elemis products they have clinical trials to prove the power of each product. The Ultra Smart Pro Collagen Complex 12 serum got top marks on all clinical trials, 100% of people said their deep set lines where improved significantly and 100% said the skins elasticity and firmness was improved. Packaged in a gorgeous silver bottle and with its powerful cocktail of ingredients, it is clear to see how this product reached the top 5 of 2019.

Firming Night Cream

Our final of the top 5 products for 2019 is the Elemis Pro Collagen Overnight matrix. The Overnight matrix is the perfect night cream suitable for so many as our lifestyles have become so manic and stressful. It uses the patented ingredient and drone peptide technology to target areas on the face where stress is showing the most, it is a rich texture to replenish and nourish the skin revealing a more youthful and hydrated complexion.

Each day our skin faces many factors that can impact the health of our skin such as pollution and lack of sleep, this is where the overnight matrix steps in! Of course it has the Padina Pavonica algae to preserve and restore the skin through the night; meaning when you wake up your skin will feel firm and more youthful.

Again the overnight matrix has amazing results from the clinical trials where after using the cream for just 2 weeks a significant difference in skin elasticity and reduction of fine lines was noticed.


There is something for everyone in the Elemis range no matter what your skin type or skin concern. But in conclusion, it is clear to see how these 5 are the top sellers for 2019. They all give dramatic results to our skin and skincare is not a chore where Elemis is concerned. It is about creating a spa experience for yourself at home to give visible results and change to our complexion and overall wellbeing.


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