Founded in 1988 and led by leading Beauty expert, Femi Latif, this small Beauty Salon soon grew in size to a Day Spa achieving endless Industry recognition Awards and exposing Femi Health & Beauty as one of the UK’s Leading Health & Beauty Salons. As the proud winners of a monopoly of Customer Service Awards and Most Inspirational Salon Awards, and with over 30 years’ experience in offering pioneering beauty and wellness treatments of the ultimate standards, Femi expanded to meet her customers’ needs into opening her Online Shop.

Driven by the dream of offering unbeatable customer service and providing the Best Brands and Best Shopping experience, Femi very quickly extended her Online offering, adding more and more choice and in turn great value to customers. With unquestionable expert beauty knowledge and experience, customers are guaranteed the best advice and support from genuine and passionate leading experts – We believe our customers are our friends and deserve the Best, and it is our aim and our passion to bring this to each and every one of you.