5 Daily Habits That Are Aging Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most thinnest and delicate. The first signs of ageing is usually around the eyes. Lack of sleep, stress, drinking, long use of a computer, genetics, years of squinting and smiling all lead to fine lines, wrinkles, under eye puffiness and dark circles. The eyes are the windows of your soul. You cannot stop the ageing process but there are many steps you can take to take care of the eye area and help to prevent and slow the aging process. Not taking care of the eye area in the right way can do more damage than any good. Here are some steps which can help to restore the natural glow on the skin around your eyes.

You Scrub Your Eye Area

After a hard day we all get a bit lazy and removing eye makeup can be a chore. Strong pigmented eyeshadows and liners and waterproof mascara are tough to wipe off and it can be so easy to rub and scrub the eye area to wipe the make up off. This can cause broken capillaries which look like red squiggly lines under the skin. These are caused by damage to the skin. The best way to remove eye makeup is to use an oil based cleanser. Soak a cotton wool disk with the make up remover and leave on the eyes for a while to dissolve and loosen the make up then gently wipe away. We recommend the Decleor Micellar water and Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

You’re Not Using an Eye Cream

Eye creams should be one of your most important part of your skincare ant-aging regime. The area around the eyes is covered with the thinnest skin and it is the most delicate and sensitive. It is the first area which shows signs of aging. Eye creams are formulated especially for that area.

You’re Using the Wrong Eye Cream

There are various eye creams to suit different concerns. It is important to choose what your skin needs:

For Dark Circles

It is very hard to get rid of dark circles because there can be many reasons they are there, such as, hereditary, aging when skin becomes thinner and more sunken, sun damage, allergies and build up of dry damaged skin cells which causes the light to reflect poorly. Choose an eye cream which is hydrating and nourishing preferably with Vitamin C. Wear sunglasses and if any product stings your eyes then stop using it as it does not agree with your skin. Try and get samples to test out first.
We recommend the Decleor Jasmine Glow Eye Cream and Elemis Ultra Smart Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo.

For Puffiness and Eye bags

Water retention can be one of the causes as well as salt and alcohol intake which can cause fluid build up leading to puffiness around the eyes. Choose an eye cream which contains caffeine known to stimulate circulation and constrict blood vessels. It also protects the skin from sun damage as it is an antioxidant.
We recommend Decleor Jasmine Glow and Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

For Fine Liness

Fine lines are caused by skin aging naturally and due to expressions. It is a good idea to start using eye creams from the age of 20-25. It is important to keep the eye area hydrated and if any allergies seek medical advice and use anti histamines.
We recommend Elemis Eye Renewal and Decleor Jasmine Glow

You’re Applying Your Eye Cream Wrong

The area around the eyes has to be treated very gently and it is important not to rub or be harsh around the area. When you have chosen the right eye cream apply only a small pea size amount on the tip of your ring fingers and gently pat and tap into the eye area covering your brow bone and all the way round your orbital bone finishing under your eyes. Do not go too close to your lashes or else you will get irritation. If eyes are tired you can do gentle pressure points in between your eyebrows and on the corners of temples. Wearing sunscreen or make up can also help to protect the area. You can also use a wand applicator which is very soothing and refreshing on the eyes.

You’re Using the Wrong Concealer

To make sure you are using the right concealer firstly make sure you get color matched by a professional. It is important to try the tester on your eyes and not on the back of your hand. The skin under eye due to aging effects is the first to show fine lines and wrinkles so make sure the skin is hydrated well and use a primer. Gently blend the concealer into the area. You can get some eye creams which have UV filters or you can use face creams with SPF around the eyes. We recommend the Heliocare sun range which can be used around the eyes.

To maintain good eye care always wear sunglasses when out, avoid smoking and alcohol. Maintain a good healthy diet. Don’t rub your eyes. Keep skin hydrated using the right eye cream. Drink plenty of water. Get a good nights sleep. Watch your screen time on your phone and computer. Remove eye make up as advised and lastly get your eyes tested regularly to detect any problems, treat eye disease and protect your eyes from aging.

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