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|Instant Refreshing Gel 150ml

Instant Refreshing Gel 150ml

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Cooling gel to revive tired muscles.
The Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel soothes away aches and pains and is relaxing and refreshing. It has an instant cooling sensation, perfect for aching muscles, tension build up or tired legs. Apply to the neck and shoulder area to relieve tension. The circulation is increased helping to relieve muscle tension and fluid retention. Contains Arnica, Birch and Witch Hazel, with Camphor and Menthol to cool. It can be used during pregnancy to help alleviate swollen limbs. Use across the forehead and temples to help relieve tension headaches.

The cooling, tingling sensation of the instant refreshing gel leaves the body feeling soothed and is perfect post massage or workout to help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

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Use for tired legs massaging with upwards strokes. Use on arms neck and shoulders to relieve tension. For headaches place a small amount on tips of fingers and gently massage onto the forehead and temples.



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