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|Heliocare 360 Capsules 15g (30 caps)

Heliocare 360 Capsules 15g (30 caps)

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Heliocare 360 capsules provide efficient photo immune protection against UVA and UVB, visible and infrared rays giving the skin maximum protection and preventing damage within the skin. The BioShield System protects from the suns damaging UVA and UVB rays, also protecting from the light that our phones and computers emit as they cause damage and can lead to premature skin ageing. The caps provide maximum anti-oxidant protection with the powerful ingredients N-acetylcysteine and Vitamins B3, C and E and prebiotics. Taking the capsules daily will optimise and protect skin from solar exposure damage and will help to prevent visible ageing and hyperpigmentation from progressing.
Suitable for all skin types the capsules should be used alongside the topical heliocare creams. Taking one capsule will give your skin maximum protection for up to 8 hours when in high levels of UV exposure and can be taken daily during months of highest intensity. The Capsules are gluten-free.

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How to use
Take one daily, do not exceed the dosage amount. Capsules are not a replacement for topical sun creams.

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