How to get rid of dark circles

Our eyes are the first to show signs of tiredness and ageing. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and it is important to be gentle around that area.

What causes dark circles under eyes

Too much rubbing and harshness around the eye area plus lack of sleep added with poor diet, can all lead to dark circles under the eyes.   Genetics and over exposure of sun can also be the cause of hyperpigmentation in that area. It is difficult to get rid of dark circles but following the right advice and diet plan can make a difference.

Some of the best product for dark circles are:

Elemis Ultra Smart Pro Collagen day and night eye duo

The lightweight morning eye balm contains the Triple Targeted Dermal Complex which reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles. The rich night time eye balm contains Slow Release Dermal Technology that feeds the skin throughout the night, working on lines around the delicate eye area to reveal a smoothing younger appearance. The combination of a light gel with the richness of eye serum for dark circles and wrinkles.


Peptide4 Eye Recovery Cream

A conditioning eye cream for tired and overworked eyes

The Elemis Peptide4 Recovery Eye Cream is a luxurious eye cream for wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. This cream helps the eye area to appear more youthful and rejuvenates, brightens and boosts elasticity. The Night Scented Stock extract increases skins firmness and Hawkweed and Daisy Extracts will help revive and refresh the appearance of tired eyes. Omega-rich acids boost the delicate eye contours hydration levels and reveal a brighter, well-rested look. One of the best eye cream for dark circles.

Pro- collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask

This Pro Collagen gel eye mask is anti-aging and is clinically proven to help fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Instantly firms, tightens and leaves skin smooth.  Moisture levels are increased and the Elemis eye mask creates the perfect base for make-up. Eyes are left moisturised and with an even tone. Contains Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates and Padina Pavonica a potent Plankton extract and Chlorella give instant skin-tightening effect.

Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

This multi-use eye mask helps to target puffiness and dark circles. This 3 in 1 formula enriched with hyaluronic acid to lock moisture and watermelon snow algae extract for firming can be used as an overnight mask, a moisturiser or a primer.

Decleor Jasmin Eye Cream

The Decleor Jasmin eye cream is an anti-aging, anti-fatigue and instant brightening eye cream to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and leave the eye contour radiant and illuminated. Rich in Vitamins B3 and Caffeine the Jasmin eye cream protects the skin, helps to reduce puffiness and dullness around the delicate eye.

Decleor Eye cream Absolute Peony

This non-perfumed eye cream has a non sticky and non greasy texture and has a plumping effect. It is easily absorbed and is formulated with Peony Lychee, Rhodiola and Cafeina extracts and Adenosine which give a luminous glow around the eyes.

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