Best Eye Creams to Smooth Out Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The skin around the eyes is a lot thinner and delicate compared to the rest of the face. With this in mind it is no wonder that our eyes show ageing before the rest of our face. In our 20s our skin still produces a lot of collagen and elastin that keeps the skin looking firmer and plumped. As we hit our 30s the production of collagen and elastin decreases showing the first signs of ageing around the eyes as the skin starts to thin.

Wrinkles and fine lines are caused by many factors alongside ageing. These can include dryness and dehydration around the eye contour with multiple contributing factors such as reading in a dark room, sun exposure, pollution, lack of sleep and being on the computer for many hours can strain the eyes causing puffiness and under eye bags. As you age the moisture content around the eyes gets less and the skin starts to get finer.

It is important to start caring for the eyes from a young age as a preventative measure keeping the skin hydrated and supple around the eyes. Being kind to the eye area is a must as the skin is a lot thinner. Do not rub your eyes vigorously when removing make up and mascara and make sure all traces of eye make-up is taken off using the right eye cleanser. Also being gentle whilst applying make-up and eye creams is essential so that you are not dragging the skin. By starting young whilst the skin has a lot of active collagen and elastin will keep the eye area a lot fresher for longer, resulting in fewer deeper set wrinkles later on in life.

Fine lines are the first to appear and are also known as “expression lines”. These are best treated earlier rather than later to help improve the surrounding skin quality and also to prevent them becoming wrinkles. By using a good hydrating eye cream and dedicating a few minutes a day to apply will benefit the surrounding eye area.

Fine lines along with puffy and tired eyes will benefit from light pressure point massage around the contours of your eyes. Using an eye cream, apply firm but gentle pressure starting on the inside of your eyebrows and working across to the outside of your eyebrows releasing the pressure on the end of eyebrows. This works on your lymphatic system and helps drainage of any congestion around the eyes. Then starting on the inside, under your eyes move across towards the outer corner of your eyes.  Do this a few times and end with light patting around the contours of your eyes. This will improve your circulation and help blood flow which will rejuvenate the skin, improving collagen and elastin production. This after time will give the eyes a fresher look and reduction in fine lines.

Wrinkles are a lot deeper set and are often referred to as “crows feet”. These are harder to treat; however with a good at home eye care routine and using an eye cream that doesn’t only hydrate the skin but also firms and stimulates the skins elasticity will improve the appearance. Look below for eye creams for mature skin.

Along with fine lines and wrinkles, the eye area also has other common features such as darkness, puffiness, and sensitivity.

Darkness and Circles are a common problem with a lot of people. Again many factors can contribute to this as stated above. With the change of lifestyle, darkness can sometimes be improved; however darkness can be a hereditary problem. There are many eye creams that offer light reflecting particles that help to brighten around the eye area, whilst still providing the hydration to strengthen the surrounding skin. See below for best eye cream for bags.

Puffiness – puffy eyes tends to be a build-up of congestion and fluid around the eye area and most commonly is a temporary problem. This can be reduced massively by regular drainage massage around the eyes to help remove the excess fluid and again to strengthen the surrounding skin using appropriate eye creams. See below for best eye cream for puffy eyes.

There are a huge range of eye products on the market that can benefit the specific eye concerns. These all offer hydration which will benefit the eye area massively on a long term basis. The different eye creams and eye gels are specially formulated to treat those areas without being too heavy on the delicate skin, dragging it down, which is why an eye cream is recommended and face creams are not recommended around the eyes. Below is a list of the best eye creams we recommend and their benefits dependent on your concerns. Also at the bottom is a cooling gel eye mask. These are great way to bring instant freshness to the eyes to brighten and hydrate.

Best eye creams we recommend are:

ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Eye Treatment Duo

This is the ultimate eye care for day and night and helps your eyes with

  • Puffiness
  • Lack of sleep
  • Add moisture
  • Rejuvenates and tightens
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles

Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal

  • Nourishes
  • Firms
  • Smooths

Pro-Collagen Definition Eye & Lip Contour Cream

  • Good for eyes and lips
  • Nourishing
  • Hydrating
  • Helps fine lines and wrinkles

Anti Ageing Time Defence Eye Reviver

  • Especially formulated for Men
  • Nourishing
  • Hydrating
  • Helps fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lightweight

Prolagene Lift Eye Cream

  • Nourishing
  • Hydrating
  • Lifting
  • Good for dark circles
  • Anti ageing

Pro Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask

  • Gel eye mask
  • Cools
  • Refreshes
  • Tightens
  • Smooths
  • Hydrates

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